4. Choosing your location [Quick hints for non-traditional Hot Yoga teachers]


As I am teaching your Yoga class, where I stand or sit in the room matters.

A professional is able to choose their location quickly and wisely. She/he is also able to change location, depending on the needs of the moment. Changing location should be smooth and purposeful.

In order for the Teacher to be able to feel the big and small differences in location, a certain level of attention, ‘quick thinking’  and ‘quick feeling’ are required. As I teach my Yoga class, I am aware of the constantly changing needs in terms of voice, energy, demonstration, hands-on adjustments, assists, proximity / distance, moods, etc etc. There’s so much to  monitor! A good eye and ear, quick mind, a ‘sensitive’ heart, and an efficiently trained body are necessary.

If you’d like to learn more about this, join us in the Game-Changers teacher training – you’ll come out inspired, and inspire your Students more, naturally.

But back to the subject at hand…

Teaching from a podium for the whole 90 minutes is a joke.

Teach in front of your Students, teach behind them – discover the difference. Go to the side of the room…

I talk about the differences between different spots in the Yoga room in the two YouTube videos:

Standing for teaching and sitting are not the same. Both ways can be very useful. Just don’t teach standing postures as you’re sitting down, okay?  Haha. But definitely have a seat, when your Students are in savasana in-between the floor exercises.

When you sit down, sit straight. If you’re teaching sitting down, and your Students are falling asleep – stand up and move. Practice sitting down and standing up again without effort, and without interrupting your breath and voice.

Experiment with teaching from different spots in the room. Are the back corners of the Yoga room the worst location?

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