Five-minute Hot Yoga teacher training: on demonstration


Sometimes it is useful for a Hot Yoga teacher to demonstrate to Students an important aspect of a pose or some alignment concept.

It is important to be careful not to demonstrate and speak simultaneously.

I think that Students have a difficult time ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ at the same time.

As a teacher, if you’re showing something as you speak – the Students cannot focus on the meaning of the words.

Even if we are saying something very important, the class will not stop looking at the visual. If we want them to listen, we need to stop our body moving.

If we only want them to watch when we demonstrate, we should stop talking.

This is how we can direct the Students’ attention better.

(These sort of considerations have been very useful for me to use during teaching daily group Hot Yoga classes, and that’s how the idea for ‘The Game Changers’, the advanced Teacher training was born. Join us!)

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