Hot Yoga: good teachers reveal a private truth in a public class-situation

When I teach a daily Yoga class, I’d want to at least once talk about something “extraordinary”.

The class always includes the “ordinary”, right? The instructions, information, explanations, guidelines, etc.

I try to also go beyond that, into the “extraordinary”  – that which is more meaningful, inspirational, goes deeper.

Some thing, some subject, some concept that is usually rarely talked about.

This sort of subject is insightful – a deeper truth that Students are usually hungry for.

In order for us to deliver the “extraordinary”, it is necessary to explore our inner life and its depth. Examine who we are as a person…

A good teacher reveals a private truth in a public Hot Yoga class situation.



  1. says

    Thomaz. Do you think you will ever come to South Florida to do a work shop for teachers? I would love to come to Thailand, but I don’t think I can get there for a long time.

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